Our loan application process is straightforward. What borrowers need is a viable business plan that demonstrates the ability to repay the loan and a realistic schedule for repaying the loan.  See our ‘Apply for a Loan’ page for further guidance on making successful applications.

We do not lend to individuals.

Our loans can be used for any valid business purpose.  If we cannot be of assistance we can signpost you to other lenders who may be able and willing to assist you. Equally, we are happy to fund as part of a ‘package’ alongside other financial providers. These finance packages are becoming increasingly common as a solution to the financial needs of social enterprises and community businesses.


Yes, if the following general criteria applies to you:

Do you need £2k – £15k? 

Are you based in Scotland?

Are you a social enterprise or community business?

Are you a legally constituted body?

Does the organisations governing documents allow it to borrow?

**Please note that each Community Loan Fund is likely to have additional specific eligibility criteria**

Overview of terms

  • Amounts between £2k – £15k
  • Repayment terms from 6months to 5 years
  • No penalty for early repayment
  • Loans will be charged by the assessed level of risk and other measures, but we will strive to make them as affordable as possible

We take a personal approach to assessing applications and are always happy to discuss your proposal. We aim to make it easy for organisations to access the loan they need, as quickly as possible and with the minimum of fuss.  Our application process is geared towards understanding your business and assessing whether we can assist. 

Our application form is available online. You can print this out and complete by hand and then scan and email it to us.  Or complete it as a Word document and then email it to us. 

The application form is the first part of that process and allows us to determine if you met the eligibility criteria for a loan.   See our ‘Apply for a Loan’ page.

Once that part of the process is complete, we will ask you to submit additional documentation, in particular your business plan, financial projections and evidence of bank details.

When your application is received it will be assigned to one of our Loan Officers and the due diligence process will begin. If we find at this stage that further information needs to be provided we will inform you as soon as possible.

This gives us enough information to ensure that when we meet – and we always will – that the process moves along swiftly.

After this meeting, the Loans Officer will prepare an assessment report and a recommendation to lend money or not as maybe the case.  This will be reviewed by our financial agency partner.

We know how crucial it is to receive loans when it is needed so we will advise the application on the success of the application as soon as possible.