As a BenCom, SCF Ltd is owned by its members who each has one share in the organisation. The shares issued by the BenCom act as a governance tool to hold the Board of the organisation to account on behalf of the communities they represent. The issuing of shares is not for capital raising purposes which is undertaken by the issuing of ‘community bonds’ to potential investors.  Community bonds will not confer any ownership or governance rights on investors.  The money raised via the community bonds will capitalise each of the bespoke community loan funds operating under the SCF Ltd umbrella.

The governance of the Society will be on a representative basis. Membership of the BenCom is restricted to community partners that SCF Ltd is working with to develop community bond offers.   Each community will purchase one share in the BenCom which will translate into a position of the Board. Over time it is likely that there will be many more community partners than board positions and at that stage elections will be held for all SCF Ltd board positions.