The Social Enterprise Network (SEN) Bridging Loan is a small fund that is capitalised by the investment of people and organisations within the Scottish Third Sector, via the purchase of Community Bonds.

It is our intention to ensure that the fund benefits as many SEN members as possible, but also that
investors get their money back along with a return for their investment.

Bridging loans are only available to Social Enterprise Network members and is only for organisations looking for bridging finance.

Bridging loans are short term loans that are used to bridge periods when expected income doesn’t arrive as
original agreed or planned.

An SEN bridging loan can only be available for a maximum period of 6 months. Short term loan
repayments allows us to maximise the number of organisations supported by the fund.

Before completing the application form, please read the ‘Eligibility flowchart’ and the ‘Application
flowchart’ to ensure that this is the correct loan fund for you. If so, then please submit the application
form along with supplementary documentation and the application fee.

We aim to have the loan process completed and the loan paid within 5 working days. However, that
timeline is dependent on the borrower supplying us with all the relevant documentation and information.

Please note, that this fund is relatively small and as such all of the fund might be ‘on-lent’ to others when
you make your application. In such circumstances you will be informed immediately of that situation and
if necessary referred to other potential bridging loan lenders